2024 Scholarship Opportunities At Northern Illinois University – Apply Now

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Northern Illinois University aims to serve as a driving force for innovation, enhancing social mobility, fostering growth in individuals, and making a positive impact on the world through research, artistry, teaching, and outreach.

Northern Illinois University aims to empower students through high-quality education and hands-on learning experiences while seeking knowledge, sharing research and creativity, and interacting with communities to positively impact the local area, state, country, and global community.

NIU has received national accreditation for a variety of academic programs such as business, engineering, nursing, visual and performing arts, as well as all teacher certification programs, ensuring they meet top standards of quality and rigor.

At Northern Illinois University, they work towards their goals and objectives, they prioritize:

(1) Encouraging a spirit of curiosity and creativity.
Offering hands-on learning opportunities to our students.

(2) Embracing and promoting innovation: Investing in resources to assist students, faculty, and staff in their research, creative work, and professional growth. They value the varied viewpoints and backgrounds of their university community members, which enriches and empowers us.

Their decision-making process is inclusive, ensuring that everyone is involved. We hold deep appreciation and respect for each individual in our community.

They contribute to society and address various challenges at local, national, and global levels by working together to enhance our educational, teaching, and research activities.

They provide access to the knowledge and resources we develop, as well as support our students’ achievements through guidance and support.

(3) Ethics and honesty: We aim to equip our students with the skills needed to become successful leaders on a global scale, dedicated to creating a positive impact on society.

Our commitment to ethical behavior extends beyond the classroom, and we strive to be open and accountable to all those we work with.

(4) Taking care of others and being responsible in our actions: We work together with others to enhance our learning, teaching, and research in order to address societal issues on all levels.

Furthermore, we share the knowledge and resources we generate and support our students in achieving success through guidance and support.

After being accepted to NIU as a freshman or transfer student, international students are eligible for either a merit or housing scholarship.

The International Student Merit Scholarship can be applied for through the MyScholarship application provided by the Office of International Admissions.

To explore additional scholarship options beyond those offered by the Office of International Admissions, please check out the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office.

You can learn more about the various scholarships available to eligible students post-admission.

These scholarships are primarily merit-based and will be automatically considered if applicants submit the MyScholarship application before the specified deadline.

Types of scholarship offered by Northern Illinios University, United States.

Since beginning of the scholarship program in 1993, Northern Illinois University have accumulated more than $85,000 to support over 650 local children in pursuing arts education.

The scholarship fund is sustained through fundraising efforts and contributions from private donors.

(A) Scholarship based on merit: A “merit-based scholarship” is awarded to individuals based on their accomplishments and talents rather than factors like financial need or personal relationships.

This type of scholarship is given to students who have shown outstanding abilities in academics, sports, music, or community service.

For instance, someone with exceptional grades in school or who has received awards in their field may qualify for a merit-based scholarship.

It’s essential to understand that these scholarships are solely based on an individual’s achievements and potential, not on factors like race, gender, religion, or ethnicity.

To be eligible for this scholarship, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 out of 4.0 according to NIU guidelines. The scholarship amount can range from $5,000 to $9,000 yearly and is renewable.

(B) International Transfer Merit Scholarship: The “International Transfer Merit Scholarship” is awarded to students who are transferring from an international university to a university in the United States based on their academic excellence or exceptional qualities.

It offers financial support to high-achieving international transfer students for various expenses associated with attending a new university, aiming to assist them in reaching their educational objectives as they transition to a new academic setting in the US.

This scholarship is awarded to international students for their academic achievements and transfer status.

Students who meet the requirements of having a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5/4.0 according to NIU standards are eligible for a $5,000 award each academic year.

This scholarship can be renewed annually.
Housing Scholarship: Scholarship for housing accommodations.

To be eligible for this scholarship, students need to maintain a GPA of at least 2.75 as determined by NIU. Recipients must reside in Neptune Hall during their first year and will receive $3,600 per year to cover on-campus housing expenses.

However, this scholarship does not include meal plan costs and can be renewed annually.

(C) Need based scholarship: Scholarships based on financial need are available to students under 18 who cannot afford the full cost of private lessons, classes, or ensembles.

These scholarships are granted in both the fall and spring semesters. The amount awarded is determined by the scholarship advisory board, taking into consideration the student’s financial need, interest in the program, and the availability of funds.

To apply, complete a need scholarship application at the start of the fall or spring term, ensuring all required information is provided. This can done through:

Financial details:

(1) A suggestion from an instructor, preferably a music teacher,

(2) Enrollment paperwork (payment details to be sorted out later)

Does Northern Illinois University give full ride scholarships? The competitive scholarship will cover all expenses of full tuition, fees, on-campus room and board, and also provide a book stipend for up to eight semesters.

The amount of each scholar’s Presidential Scholarship will be determined based on state and federal grants.

Tips for applying for scholarships at Northern Illinois University:

Ask for a letter of recommendation or support from a professor ahead of time. Meet with them during their office hours or send them an email.

Discover information on scholarships provided by external organizations. Inquire with individuals in your personal and professional network, like your employer or leaders of community groups, to find out about scholarship prospects beyond those offered by NIU.

Submit your 2024-2025 FAFSA by filling out the application. Visit studentaid.gov to find out more information about the FAFSA.

After being accepted to Northern Illinois University as a freshman or transfer student, international students are eligible for merit or housing scholarships.

The International Student Merit Scholarship can be applied for through the MyScholarship application on the Office of International Admissions website.

The majority of NIU scholarships are available for online application through MyScholarships and are mainly intended for individuals who are not currently enrolled as students at the university.

Upon submitting your admission application and necessary documents to NIU, you must activate your new NIU Account ID.

Typically, it takes around two weeks for an admission decision to be made. Keep an eye on your application status in MyNIU for any missing information.

Check Northern Illinois University scholarship here: https://www.niu.edu/international_admissions/paying-for-college/scholarships.shtml#:~:text=International%20Freshman%20Merit%20Scholarship,This%20is%20a%20renewable%20scholarship

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