Are You A Chef? Can You Cook? Secure Lucrative Cooking Job In Canada 2024

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Job overview

Peppercorns Eatery are in need of a talented and experienced Head Cook to become a part of their team. The Head Cook will have the responsibility of supervising kitchen activities and making sure that top-notch meals are served to their clientele.

If you possess a love for cooking, exceptional culinary expertise, and great leadership skills, you’re encouraged to apply.

Responsibilities expected at peppercorns include the following:

(1) Set recipes and standards to prepare and cook meals:

Following standardized recipes can help simplify activities and combine processes in cooking, Batch cooking is a common practice in restaurants like Peppercorns that need to prepare large amounts of food.

Chefs and head cooks are responsible for creating recipes, deciding how dishes are plated, designing menus, and ensuring that ingredients, tools, and workspaces are kept clean.

(2) Monitor and direct the tasks of kitchen employees:

The primary role of a head chef involves overseeing food preparation and related duties. It is their responsibility to develop menus featuring a varied selection of both new and traditional dishes of high quality.

Additionally, they are in charge of reviewing and perfecting dishes before they are presented to customers.

(3) Make sure that all food is cooked and handled in a way that is safe and free from any contamination:

The responsibility of the head chef is to ensure food is safely prepared. To avoid cross-contamination, it is important to keep raw foods separate from ready-to-eat foods.

Use separate, clean utensils and cutting boards for each type of food, or make sure to wash and sanitize them between uses.

(4) Keep track of food stock and place orders for additional supplies when necessary:

Monitoring food inventory and promptly ordering more supplies as needed is crucial for effective management in the food and beverage industry.

This system assists in reducing waste, boosting efficiency, and managing expenses, which is a standard practice across various sectors to stay competitive.

(5) Follow all rules and protocols related to food safety: As a food and beverage establishment, it is crucial for all chefs to adhere to specific food safety and hygiene guidelines to ensure the well-being of their customers.

These safety rules include washing hands thoroughly and frequently, as hands carry bacteria that can easily be transferred to food.

Additionally, it is important to tie up long hair to prevent hairs from falling into food and spreading germs. Another rule is to prevent cross-contamination by keeping different types of foods separate, especially raw meat from items that won’t be cooked.

Utensils should also be cleaned and sanitized after use, particularly when handling raw meat. Furthermore, washing produce is essential as it can easily spread bacteria.

Lastly, cooking food to the correct temperatures recommended by the FDA will ensure that any bacteria present in the ingredients is killed.
Keep the kitchen area clean and tidy.

Work together with the management team to create and implement new menu offerings and promotions.

Skills or talent needed at peppercorns eatery

(a) Deep understanding of food safety, cooking methods, and culinary skills:

Thorough knowledge of food safety, cooking techniques, and culinary abilities is crucial for a head chef to guarantee safe food preparation. It’s essential to prevent cross-contamination by separating raw ingredients from ready-to-eat foods.

Culinary skills are the talents and proficiencies that professionals in this field have, enabling them to create menus, cook dishes, and assist in kitchen management while following food safety protocols.

(2) Prior experience in a high-traffic restaurant or food service setting practices and protocols:

Experience working in a busy restaurant or food service environment is crucial for the head chef position, as they are responsible for overseeing the kitchen.

Candidates must have a minimum of five years of experience in cooking and leadership roles to be considered for the job.

(3) Outstanding abilities in communication and organization: Effective communication is essential not just outside the kitchen but within it as well. Chefs must be able to communicate clearly with their teams to motivate and guide them.

This clear communication fosters a positive atmosphere at work, promotes teamwork, and helps everyone grasp the culinary objectives.

(4) Understanding correct methods and protocols for ensuring food safety: Knowing the correct techniques and guidelines for maintaining food safety is crucial. Kitchen managers can empower their staff to consistently follow food safety standards through proper training, supervision, and accountability measures.

These fundamental principles provide a solid basis for ensuring food hygiene and should be applied along with specific hygiene codes. By adhering to the four steps of Food Safety – Clean,

Separate, Cook, and Chill – at home, you can safeguard yourself and your family from foodborne illnesses.

(5) Capacity to perform effectively in high-pressure situations and adhere to strict time constraints: To excel in situations with high pressure and strict time constraints, individuals need the soft skill of working under pressure.

This involves being able to effectively manage stress, remain calm, stay focused, and make well-thought-out decisions in fast-paced and constantly changing environments.

Before beginning any task, it is important to establish practical goals and understand the time available. Planning in advance, organizing your work area, delegating tasks, and communicating effectively are key strategies to succeed under pressure.

Being able to adapt and think on your feet is also crucial. Most importantly, it is essential to enjoy the process and remain positive throughout.

Ability to work evenings, weekends, and holidays as needed: Flexibility to work during evenings, weekends, and holidays is essential and available at any time.

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The maximum weekly contracted hours are 48, but there is the opportunity to work extra hours if desired, and at your convenience.

Preferred qualifications include having a Food Handler Certification (e.g. Food Safe, SafeCheck, Food Handler) or Food Safe, SafeCheck, Food Handler or a similar certification is preferred.

The ability to commute to Bedford, NS B4A 3P1.
It is required to relocate to this area before starting work. The job will be in person, with an expected start date of March 10, 2024. Apply for this position now.

Full Details Of The Cooking Job At Peppercorns Eatery

Head Cook/kitchen manager
Peppercorns eatery
936 Bedford Highway, Bedford, NS.
Job details
Pay/ Salary
$16.72–$27.87 an hour
Job type
Shift and schedule
Weekends as needed
Location: 936 Bedford Highway is where you can find us, located in Bedford, NS.
Hourly Wage: $16.72-$27.87
Perks/benefits: Reduced or complimentary meals. Parking available on premises

Proficiency in English preferred
Preferably possess a Food Handler Certification
Food Safe, SafeCheck, Food Handler, or similar certification desired
Candidates should be able to commute to the workplace.

Submit your application today.

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