Visa Sponsored Nursing Job At Texas Health Huguley Hospital 2024 – Apply Now

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Overview of the Medical Facility.

The Registered Nurse is responsible for carrying out a diverse range of tasks while on duty, including working with doctors and other team members to improve patients’ health, following nursing processes and care plans, offering support to patients and their families, overseeing team members, and reporting to the Nurse Manager and charge nurses. Responsibilities can differ based on the specific unit or department.

Texas Health Huguley Hospital, is an organization that provides equal employment opportunities and follows all anti-discrimination laws at the federal, state, and local levels.

The salary for this position is estimated within a certain range. Actual pay will be determined by factors such as skills, experience, and other relevant criteria within this range.

The salary range for each position may vary depending on geographical location due to sponsored Visa requirements.

They uphold equal opportunity employment practices and strictly prohibit discrimination in any form, including but not limited to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, marital status, age, or disability.

This policy applies throughout all aspects of employment, from recruitment to promotion, and includes fair treatment in terms of wages, benefits, and all other employment conditions.

Job details at Texas Health Huguley Hospital

(1) Salary between $35.88 and $53.82 per hour
(2) Full-time position with benefits
(3) Visa sponsorship available
(4) Location Address: 11801 South Fwy, Burleson, TX 76028
(5) Full-time: work with varying shifts.
(6) Job Title: Registered Nurse (RN)
(7) Employer: Texas Health Huguley Hospital
(8) Type: Full-time Position
(9) Work Hours: Day Shift
(10) Job Code: 21043401

Here are the current job opportunities available:

(I) Emergency Department (ED):

An emergency department, or ED, is a hospital unit that operates around the clock, every day of the week, offering unplanned medical services to patients in need of urgent treatment.

Once you arrive, a medical professional will assess your condition promptly and may request further tests like X-rays, blood work, or CT scans.

These tests will be carried out and analyzed by a specialist. Afterwards, the ER doctor will discuss the results with you and provide guidance on the next course of action for your treatment.

They offer specialized medical care that includes performing clinical procedures, administering medications, and selecting the most suitable hospital or medical facility for their patient.

(II) Intensive Care Unit (ICU):

ICU, also known as the intensive care unit, is a specialized hospital unit that provides intensive care for patients who are critically ill or injured.

It is staffed by medical personnel who are specially trained to provide continuous monitoring and life support. The ICU, or critical care unit, is equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure the well-being of these patients.

Patients in the ICU may have issues with their organs, such as the inability to breathe on their own.

For example, those who have been seriously injured in a car accident may need to be admitted to the ICU. Additionally, individuals undergoing major surgery or those with advanced diseases may also require ICU care during their recovery process.

The duration of a patient’s stay in the ICU is determined by the severity of their illness and can range from a few hours to several months. In most cases, patients typically spend less than a week in the ICU.

The level of care provided also depends on the patient’s condition, with some having their own nurse, while others may share a nurse with another patient.

(III) Medical/Surgical:

Med surg is short for medical-surgical nursing, which focuses on providing care to adult patients either before or after a surgical procedure.

This type of nursing is typically provided in a hospital setting, where patients can receive 24-hour inpatient general medical services, post-surgical care, or both.

The main goal of medical-surgical nursing is to provide support and care to patients during their recovery from surgery or acute illness, as well as to those with medical conditions.

In an ideal hospital setup, medical and surgical nursing services would be separate. Medical-surgical nursing involves providing care to patients before, during, or after surgery, as well as during their recovery from a procedure or while they are experiencing an acute illness.

(IV) Telemetry:

Telemetry nurses, also known as Registered Nurses (RNs), are skilled in interpreting electrocardiograms (ECGs or EKGs) and utilizing telemedicine tools to monitor patients’ vital signs and detect abnormal heart rhythms.

(V) Progressive Care Unit (PCU):

A Progressive Care Unit (PCU), also known as a step-down unit or telemetry unit, offers an intermediate level of patient care that falls between intensive care units and medical-surgical units.

Patients in PCUs receive continuous cardiac monitoring, medications, self-care education, and regular evaluations.

(VI) Surgical Services:

Surgical services refer to the professional services carried out by a Physician for treating injuries or illnesses that involve cutting, suturing, endoscopic procedures, wound debridement, and managing fractures and dislocations.

General surgery specifically entails focusing on abdominal organs like the intestines, stomach, liver, and treating skin diseases and hernias.

Main advantages of working at Texas Health Huguely Hospital

Burleson is ranked as the fourth best city in America to move to, and its Historic Old Town is known for its delightful cafes and vintage shops.

The North Texas Jellystone Park and Camp-Resort close by provides a range of recreational activities suitable for families.

The cost of living in this area is 4% below the national average. Nearby educational institutions include Hill College and Texas Wesleyan University.

Qualifications needed for the health job at Texas Health Huguley Hospital

(1) At least two years of recent experience in a hospital with a minimum of 100 beds in a tertiary care setting.

(2) Candidate must possess either a U.S. Nursing License or successfully complete the NCLEX RN Exam.

(3) To be considered for a Visa Sponsorship, applicants should have achieved a minimum IELTS Academic Score of 7 in Speaking and 6.5 overall, or a TOEFLiBt Academic Score of 26 in Speaking and 89 overall, or have an OET qualification, or be exempt by holding a CGFNS

(4) Visa Screen Certificate: Certification in BLS (Basic Life Support) and ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) is required for this unit, with preference given to those certified by the American Heart Association.

(5) Good communication skills, both verbal and written, are essential. Additionally, having basic computer skills is important.

Your responsibilities will include:

(A) Ensure that the care provided aligns with the hospital responsibilities, Standards of Practice, and supports both the Nursing Service and patient care goals.

(B) Promotes collaboration within healthcare teams through clear communication, prompt responses, fostering relationships, and contributing to problem-solving efforts as a team member.

(C) Creates a nurturing atmosphere through offering physical, emotional, and spiritual care to both patients and their loved ones.

(D) Provide nursing care that puts the patient at the center while following the SHARE principles to guarantee high levels of patient contentment.

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