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Bluenose Health – Nurse Practitioner
People Stuff, Halifax, NS.

Job details:

Bluenose Health is looking to fill multiple Nurse Practitioner roles in Mahone Bay and Halifax, NS.
Bluenose Health is a unique nurse practitioner-run private primary care facility that offers personalized care in Nova Scotia.

It operates on a membership model to ensure prompt access to primary health services for clients. The clinic prioritizes giving personalized attention to each patient to address their unique healthcare requirements.

Bluenose Health emphasizes the importance of quick access to primary care for residents of Nova Scotia. Much like the historic Bluenose symbolized shipbuilding excellence in the province, our clinic aims to uphold high standards in healthcare.

Our services are based on evidence and delivered through a subscription-based model, with clients paying for the care they receive. Led by nurse practitioners, our clinic offers primary care in a private and welcoming environment. As a Nurse Practitioner, you will play a vital role in delivering personalized, compassionate care to each patient, ensuring they receive individualized attention.

Responsibilities of a nurse at Blue Nose Health:

(1) Evaluating patients by gathering detailed medical history, conducting physical exams, and requesting lab and diagnostic tests for a thorough health assessment.

(2) Identifying possible conditions and creating treatment strategies for temporary and long-lasting illnesses.

(3) Diagnosis and treatment: Identifying the issue and providing the necessary care.

(4) Health promotion and disease prevention focus on actively encouraging individuals to adopt healthy behaviors and make positive lifestyle choices in order to reduce the risk of developing illnesses and improve overall well-being.

(5) Educating patients about preventive measures, encouraging healthy habits, and screening for different health conditions are all important components of health promotion and disease prevention efforts.

Recommend necessary medications:

The rules require every nurse practitioner to complete the required training before being allowed to prescribe medications safely and effectively.

This training covers ordering and interpreting various tests like blood tests, X-rays, ultrasounds, and MRIs, as well as performing exams and procedures such as pap tests, prostate exams, and administering immunizations.

Seek advice and guidance from and refer to other healthcare professionals: Get advice and direct clients to other medical professionals when necessary.

Fill out different types of medical forms such as the Driver’s Medical Examination Report: This involves filling out different medical forms, such as the Driver’s Medical Examination Report and other required paperwork.

Job requirements at Blue Nose Health

The job details match your qualifications.
Compensation, pay pr salary: Hourly rate between $65 and $90.

Type of position: Full-time employment.

Work hours and timetable: Work days are from Monday to Friday.

Location: Based in Halifax, NS.


(1) Possess a valid Nurse Practitioner license in Nova Scotia.
(2) Proven dedication to patient-focused care with a traditional emphasis on face-to-face interactions and compassionate care.
(3) Skilled in collaborative teamwork.
Open to specializing in various healthcare fields.
(4) Ready to undergo a criminal and background check.

The benefits/special advantages:

(1) Salary will be determined on a competitive basis and will take into account the candidate’s level of experience.

(2) It is also open to negotiation.

(3) Health and dental insurance benefits

(5) Office will be closed from Christmas to New Years for employees to spend time with their families and recharge.

(6) 11 paid holidays a year in addition to paid vacation.

(7) Choice between being hired as a staff member or working as an independent contractor

Necessary skills required at Blue Nose Health:

(I) Ability to use technology efficiently and effectively: Nurses need to be skilled in using a range of technologies in order to complete tasks effectively. This includes utilizing medical record systems to manage patient information and operating medical devices like heart rate and blood monitors to assess vital signs for collaboration with other healthcare providers.

Nurses use spreadsheets to input numerical data like glucose levels and utilize word processing software to generate patient records. Additionally, familiarity with software is necessary to create healthcare presentations for educational training sessions.

(2) Essential skills for providing immediate medical care: Essential skills in urgent and emergency care involve promptly addressing medical issues impacting a patient.

For instance, nurses should be proficient in stopping bleeding, dressing wounds, and bandaging. These skills are crucial for nurses working in emergency rooms (ER) and other healthcare settings where emergencies may arise during patient care.

(3) Skills that are essential for ensuring the safety of patients: One important technical skill to list on your resume is your proficiency in ensuring patients’ well-being. This includes informing patients about possible dangers, reducing risks in medical settings, and avoiding accidents.

Demonstrating expertise in patient safety as a nurse indicates to employers that you are able to enhance patient healing and reduce the chance of harm.

Other necessary skills:

(A) Effective communication skills: it involves both sharing and receiving information through listening, speaking, and understanding. In the nursing field, good communication is crucial for interactions with patients, their families, and colleagues.

Nurses utilize communication skills when delegating tasks to nurse aides and educating patients about health topics like vaccinations. Strong written communication skills are crucial for documenting notes and creating reports in healthcare settings. When crafting a resume, showcase examples of how your communication abilities have been applied in previous work experiences.

(B) Critical thinking and problem-solving involve objectively analyzing situations and devising appropriate solutions. Nurses must be prepared for unexpected healthcare challenges, such as treatment resistance from patients or sudden medical emergencies. Possessing strong critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities allows nurses to think swiftly, factor in crucial information, and make well-informed decisions.

(C) Effective time management is essential for meeting deadlines. It includes organizing your day, establishing objectives, prioritizing tasks, and engaging in multitasking. Nurses often care for various patients within a single shift, with minimal breaks in between. Demonstrating strong time management abilities on your resume highlights your ability to cope with the fast-paced demands of the role.

(D) Physical endurance involves being able to work for extended periods while staying composed. Nurses often aid patients with mobility, such as helping them in and out of wheelchairs, walking, and moving around the healthcare setting. Demonstrating your physical capabilities can enhance your appeal to potential employers.

(E) Teamwork is when health-care professionals collaborate towards a common goal of providing medical care, support, and treatments.

Demonstrating strong teamwork abilities can make you a valuable asset to a health-care team. Being dependable and having good interpersonal skills are essential aspects of being a team player in a health-care setting.

Bluenose Health ensures that all applications are treated with confidentiality and is an equal opportunity employer. The company values a work environment that is supportive, inclusive, and fair for all individuals, where decisions are made based on merit and free from any form of discrimination. Characteristics such as race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, nationality, military service, citizenship, or any other protected status will not impact the hiring process.

To contact Blue Nose healthcare, please send a fax message to:​

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