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All you need to know about CBI Health:

CBI Health Group is Canada’s leading integrated healthcare provider, dedicated to enhancing health and well-being through a range of physical and mental health services in various settings.

With a team of over 13,000 professionals and experts, CBI Health strives to innovate healthcare for positive results, serving Canadians in 800 communities through 250 facilities and 100+ transitional residences.

More information is available at CBI Health is dedicated to creating a workplace that is diverse, fair, and inclusive for all individuals to feel secure and valued as their true selves.

It actively seek qualified candidates who share its dedication to equity and inclusion, bringing a range of perspectives and ideas that support its innovation and the quality of care it provide to their clients. They strive to ensure a positive experience for all Indigenous applicants, including those who are First Nations (status or non-status), Inuit, or Metis, and encourage applications from individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of factors such as race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or other distinguishing characteristics.

Job specifications

Here is how the job requirements fit with your qualifications.
Type of position: Foot-Care Nurse
375 Pleasant Street, Dartmouth, NS.

Job details At CBI Health

As a casual worker for CBI Health/We Care Home Health Services, a division of CBI Health, you will utilize your nursing skills to offer foot care services to clients in need.

A CBI Health staff attending to a patient

Your primary focus will be on assisting individuals who cannot care for themselves while upholding their dignity. The perfect candidate will demonstrate compassionate care and treat clients with the same level of respect they would want for their own family members.

Joining this team will allow you to be an important part of a close-knit group that values a “family” atmosphere. CBI Health is seeking a caring, dedicated, and skilled RN or LPN to join their team as a Foot Care Nurse, offering a rewarding opportunity to positively impact the lives of clients.

Responsibilities of any staff at CBI Health

(1) In the role of a Foot Care Nurse, your main responsibilities will include administering foot care clinics and visits in adherence to the highest standards of quality care practices.

(2) Providing foot care clinics and visits according to the highest quality care standards involves adhering to strict practices.

(3) Develop and keep up-to-date client documentation following established protocols, which includes gathering and submitting assessment information.

This involves establishing and regularly updating precise records for clients. Provide instruction and information on topics related to caring for your feet, offer guidance and details on subjects concerning the maintenance of your feet. And provide information and tips on how to properly care for and maintain the health of your feet.

(4) Identify and perform necessary advanced foot care nursing actions. Implement suitable treatments for advanced foot care nursing.

(5) Take caution of the potential risks in the environment and respond accordingly to ensure the safety and protection of the client.

(6) Acknowledge the hazards in the surroundings and take appropriate measures to guarantee the client’s safety and security.

(7) Make sure to implement all necessary measures to guarantee a safe work environment, as outlined in the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Necessary Qualifications to stand a chance of getting hired at CBI Health

(1) Be a current and in good standing member of the Nova Scotia Registered Nurses Association and have obtained a valid license from a provincial or territorial regulatory body.

(2) Having an Advanced Foot Care Training Program available is advantageous; participants will receive training if needed. Offering an Advanced Foot Care Training Program that includes a mix of independent study, instructor-led theory, and clinical practice.

The course covers assessment and treatment of foot ailments and caring for high-risk clients. All necessary supplies and instruments are provided.

(3) Be committed to delivering top-notch client care: The nurse should consider using warm water for washing the client’s feet as part of proper foot care.

Warm water can help soften the skin and nails, making it easier to clean and trim the nails. It is important to avoid soaking the feet, as this can lead to skin dryness and an increased risk of infection.

As a Medical Foot Care Nurse, the focus is on assessing and addressing common foot issues like ingrown toenails, fungal infections, Athlete’s foot, warts, and psoriasis.

This care is administered in a hygienic and professional setting, with attention to overall foot health and treatment options.

(4) Possess strong communication abilities in both speaking and writing:

Oral communication skills involve speaking to convey thoughts, opinions, and information, while written communication skills entail using written language to convey messages, instructions, or thoughts.

(5) Have a strong passion for your career:

Individuals who have a genuine passion for nursing are motivated by the desire to positively impact the lives of patients by offering them comfort and care.

Nurses are known for their compassion and kindness, with a strong drive to assist and improve the well-being of those they serve. Trained foot care nurses and specialists are essential for assessing patients, providing education, and delivering proper care.

They work closely with a range of medical professionals to guarantee that patients receive the best possible treatment.

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(6) Display exceptional time management and organizational skills and have the capability to work independently.

Developing strong time management abilities can reduce stress caused by a busy schedule, enabling you to prioritize important tasks like patient care. A study indicates that nurses who excel at organization tend to be more efficient, make better choices, and manage their responsibilities effectively.

(7) Displaying empathy and establishing a strong connection with clients is crucial for nurses. By showing empathy, nurses demonstrate their dedication to meeting all of a patient’s needs beyond just their medical condition.

Research consistently shows that empathy plays a significant role in providing high-quality care, with several studies linking empathy to positive patient outcomes.

(8) It is strongly advised to have a reliable vehicle and a valid driver’s license for potential travel required for practicum placement in the industry.

It is required to own a dependable vehicle and possess a valid driver’s license in order to become a Foot Care Nurse. Additionally, licensure from a provincial or territorial authority is necessary.

General Inquiries, Please contact CBI Health at:

Monday – Friday
9:00am – 5:00pm EST

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