A Very Lucrative Administration Job At WESCO Group Canada – Just For You This 2024

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Senior Administrator for Operations at Wesco,
located at 144 Ilsley Ave Ste 100 in Dartmouth, NS, with a total of 1,693 reviews.

The Wesco job specifics:

(I) The job pays between $23.38 and $29.23 per hour
(II) It is a full-time position with a Monday to Friday schedule.
(III) Location: 144 Ilsley Avenue Suite 100 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The location will remain at its current address 54 Higney Ave, Dartmouth, NS until April 22nd, and then it will move to a new location.

The job description includes benefits such as:
(a) Dental care,
(b) Paid time off, and
(c) Tuition reimbursement.

Job description if you consider WESCO Group

Becoming a member of Wesco means joining a top player in B2B distribution, logistics services, and supply chain management globally.

With their exceptional range of products and services and the substantial size, there are countless chances for career advancement within the organization.

In the role of a Senior Administrator in Operations, your main responsibilities will include:

(1) Providing operational support at a facility level. This will involve tasks such as processing reports, assessing departmental purchasing requirements, and managing inquiries and orders.

(2) Carries out procedures for managing and monitoring inventory.

(3) Assistance with supporting, educating, and enhancing the skills of fellow professionals.

(4) Keep track of return authorization and credit memo forms.

(5) Handle and investigate freight claims as necessary.

(6) Help with upkeep and security of the building.

(7) Prepare and circulate different branch reports.

Education qualification and Experience Needed To Stand A Chance Of Getting Hired

Education and experience are both important factors that contribute to a person’s knowledge and skills.

(1) A high school diploma or equivalent is necessary for this position.
(2) It is preferred to have at least 3 years of experience in operations or administration,
(3) Also a 3 years of experience in customer service and internal sales.

What benefits are there for you?

At Wesco, you’ll find more than just a job – it’s a place where you can grow, advance, and shape your career. Beyond providing training and development options, they also support your educational pursuits, allowing you to follow your interests.

A comprehensive benefits package is tailored to promote your overall well-being, offering ample paid time off, a range of insurance options for both you and your family, retirement savings benefits specific to each country, and additional perks.

Discounts are offered nationally on frequently used items such as computers, appliances, and services.

Note: Benefits may differ depending on the geographical location and the specific union environment.

Important Skills & Qualifications Needed to stand a chance at WESCO

– Proficiency in general computer operation: Office administrators need to have a strong understanding of popular computer applications like Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc). They should also be skilled in tasks such as data entry, creating reports, and responding to virtual communication using various software programs.

Fundamental skills like sending messages, adding attachments, and organizing emails into folders are key. When it comes to web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, basic skills involve exploring websites, utilizing bookmarks, and filling out online forms.

Computers play a crucial role in managing financial records, with electronic spreadsheet software being particularly valuable for administrators in tracking and evaluating the financial information of educational institutions.

– Effective time management abilities: Implementing a time management strategy allows a skilled administrator to assess the efficiency of their time usage and ensure that they are focusing their highest energy levels on significant tasks within the system.

This involves creating to-do lists, prioritizing tasks, evaluating urgency, setting goals, reviewing workflows for optimization, managing notifications, and establishing realistic deadlines.

Effective time management plays a crucial role in enhancing performance and productivity in the workplace by increasing employee effectiveness, meeting deadlines, and elevating the quality of work.

Companies benefit from time management as it assists in prioritizing tasks and accelerating the achievement of goals.

– Basic verbal and written communication competence: Effective communication involves conveying thoughts and ideas clearly through spoken, written, and non-verbal means to inform, instruct, and persuade various audiences.

It also includes the crucial skill of listening attentively to ensure comprehension and understanding. Effective verbal and written communication is crucial in the workplace as it allows employees to express their ideas, work collaboratively, and communicate persuasively with employers or clients.

Strong written communication skills are essential for creating professional documents like emails, reports, and cover letters.

– Strong problem-solving skills: Having strong problem-solving skills is crucial for office administrators, as it allows them to efficiently and effectively address a range of challenges, issues, and tasks.

It involves the ability to handle complex and unexpected situations by employing analytical and creative thinking. Problem-solving involves the capability to effectively handle and resolve intricate and unforeseen circumstances.

Individuals with strong problem-solving abilities possess a blend of analytical and innovative thinking. They are adept at decision-making and exhibit the self-assurance needed to tackle workplace challenges.

Dress code: The dress code at Wesco is typically business casual, however, branch managers have the authority to determine the specific clothing requirements.


Do you feel prepared to start your career with Wesco? Established in 1922, Wesco has expanded and evolved into a top Fortune 250 company offering supply chain solutions.

Come and be a part of our team as we help build, connect, power, and safeguard the world. The salary range anticipated for this position is between $23.38 and $29.23 per hour.

This is the amount we anticipate offering at the time of this announcement. Actual compensation could potentially be higher or lower than this range, with the possibility of adjustments in the future.

Factors determining an employee’s pay within this range include location, experience, education, skills, organizational requirements, and performance.

Various benefits, such as medical, dental, retirement plans, Paid Time Off, and more, are offered to employees by Wesco. Wesco International, Inc., its subsidiaries, and affiliates ensure equal employment opportunities without discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, disability, or other protected characteristics.

This offer is applicable to applicants within the US also.

Note: Wesco operates worldwide, not just in Canada. Wesco, with its presence in over 50 countries and a wide range of products, serves as a valuable partner in your advancement.

The company attributes its success primarily to its workforce, which includes over 20,000 skilled individuals working across various offices and distribution centers worldwide.

WESCO International Inc (WESCO) distributes industrial products and offers advanced supply chain management services to businesses. Their product range includes electrical, industrial, and communication products, as well as construction materials and maintenance items.

contact them by phone: 412.454.2200

By Mail: 225 West Station Square Drive, Suite 700, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

visit: https://www.wesco.com/us/en/contact.html

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